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D.W. Buffa Launches New Website

April 26, 2010 -- Author D.W. Buffa has resurfaced on the web with a new web site, www.dwbuffa.com, featuring synopses of past legal thrillers such as his best-selling Joseph Antonelli novels, as well as information about new novels that have recently entered the world of political and legal thrillers in e-book format.


Buffa is excited about the open door of possibilities provided by digital publishing, and is considering making available a number of personal works and short stories that otherwise would not have fit into traditional publishing formats. Well known for his Crime Fiction, Buffa has a breadth of work that is yet unknown to his readers as will hopefully begin to circulate as e-book publishing becomes more mainstream.


Buffa's newest novel, The Grand Master, features his most recent protagonist, Senator Bobby Hart. Seamlessly enfolding his contemplative writing style into a rapid storyline, D.W. Buffa unfolds a plot full of action and conspiracy that proceeds at a quicker pace than past novels but still retains the flavor and character that we've come to expect from Buffa's work.


The new website provides contact information so fans can personally contact Mr. Buffa, as well as links to follow recent events and thoughts on Twitter.


Contact Information:

Email: info@dwbuffa.com

Website: www.dwbuffa.com

Twitter Feed: http://twitter.com/DWBuffaNews


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