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Evangeline Now Available to US Readers

The latest D.W. Buffa news is all about Evangeline and the new world of digital e-book readers. Evangeline is finally available in the U.S. to anyone with an e-book reader, and soon will be available in print through Amazon.com as well!

Originally published in Germany, New Zealand and Australia, Evangeline was originally considered 'too edgy' for an American audience, as it deals with human cannibalism and the shades of gray between what is "morally right" and what is "legal." You can finally decide for yourself in this heart-wrenching tale of suspense and human dignity now that Evangeline has been digitally released in the US. Read more about Evangeline...

D.W. Buffa is on Kindle!

The following books are available as e-books on the Kindle and other e-book readers: The Last Man, The Dark Backward, The Swindlers, Evangeline, Breach of Trust, Star Witness, The Legacy, The Judgment, and The Prosecution.

The Last Man: Crime Fiction Novel by D.W. Buffa The Dark Backward by D.W. Buffa The Swindlers: Crime Fiction Novel by D.W. Buffa Evangeline: A Novel of Suspense and Human Conscience
Star Witness: A Murder Mystery Novel by D.W. Buffa Breach of Trust by D.W. Buffa The Prosecution The Judgment The Prosecution: Crime Fiction

You can also read reviews of D.W. Buffa's books and order books online at BookReporter.com and Amazon.com, among other retailers. Click on the BOOKS link at the top of the page to read synopses, reviews and find information on where to buy D.W. Buffa's Joseph Antonelli novels and other books.

Certain rare copies, out-of-print titles, or books never released in the United States (such as Blue Rose and The Evangeline)(original printed edition) can be purchased through second-hand merchants like www.half.com and the Amazon Marketplace.

D.W. Buffa Launches New Website

Author D.W. Buffa has resurfaced on the web with a new website, www.dwbuffa.com, featuring synopses of past work and details on where-to-find-it, as well as information about new novels that have just broken into the world of political and legal thrillers in e-book format.... read more

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Many of D.W. Buffa's books are available in digital format for the Amazon Kindle and other e-book readers.

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