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Evangeline was originally printed in Australia and Germany, but is now available in the U.S.A. on Kindle and other e-book readers. Will be available in print in Fall 2010!



A Courtroom Thriller...


Adrift. No chance of rescue. How far would you go to save your own life?

The Evangeline, the finest ship of her kind, built to sail anywhere in the world, sinks in a ferocious storm off the coast of Africa. A single lifeboat with fourteen people crowded into it gets away. Forty days later, a thousand miles from South America, six survivors are rescued from the sea. One of them, the captain Vincent Marlowe, is charged with murder. His only defense is that it was necessary to kill some to save the others.

Using his intricate legal experience, D.W. Buffa explores whether there are some ethical questions that cannot be decided with man-made laws. The Evangeline is a gripping courtroom thriller that destroys our trusted notions of good and evil.

From the author of the acclaimed Joseph Antonelli novels, The Evangeline is D.W. Buffa’s eighth book. Buffa served as a defense attorney for ten years.


This book was originally released in New Zealand, Australia and Germany. Currently available in the US as a digital e-book.




"Buffa, himself a lawyer, creates a suspense in the courtroom that is remarkable. Through the individual accounts of the witnesses, a picture of the drama at high sea is vividly described."
-- German Press Agency

"Ever since Moby Dick we fear that the ocean treats human beings by its own rules. Marlowe, a worthy successor of Captain Ahab, was the only one who knew these rules."

-- Lufthansa Exclusive Magazine